Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 1 - MTC June 12, 2013

Hello Family!

Where to begin, where to begin?  It's just so crazy to me that I've already been here at the MTC for a week!  I'm lovin' it!

Sister C. and I met with an investigator, Nathan.  We had a short discussion and gave Nathan a Book of Mormon, then we invited him to church next Sunday and he accepted our invitation!  YAY!  It's so great to be able to share my testimony with others.  In Preach My Gospel, there's a quote by President Thomas S. Monson, "Regarding one's testimony remember, that which one willingly shares he keeps, while that which he selfishly keeps he loses...  Teach and testify.  There is no better combination."

I want to share an excerpt from my journal entry last Sunday:

At tonight's fireside we watched the Joseph Smith movie.  It was so powerful!   I came to a realization today during the part when Joseph Smith's father dies, and the thought came to my mind, "Why was I born at this time?"  It only took a moment for me to answer my own question.  We have the knowledge that the Lord has saved His strongest spirits for the last days, and I feel so humbled and blessed to be one of those spirits.  Not only to be among the strongest but to also be a missionary, trusted by the Lord to bring His sheep the Gospel of Christ.  What a cool cool thought, huh!

I know I keep saying this but I just LOVE the MTC!!!!!!! The days go by so quickly because they're so packed with classes and meetings, but I have enjoyed each of them so, so much!!!

Oh!  Before I sign off, I fly out of SLC at 8 am Tuesday morning!  Which means I have to be up at 3:00 am to get everything ready in time.  YAY!

Well my laundry is done and I have to go.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Love,  Sister Taylor