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Week 26 - Nyssa, OR 12/02/13


Hello Family!

I knew this day would come, but I didn't expect it for another month or so.  On Friday after Jacob's baptism I was told I was being transferred to Nyssa, Oregon.  Sister Bishoff was a visa waiter called to serve in Argentina and temporarily serving in Nyssa until her visa was approved.  She was serving with Sister Hernandez in the Spanish area of Nyssa.  Sister Zavala opened the English area of Nyssa with a brand new sister, Sister Duncan.  Sister Bishoff received her visa last week and left this morning for Argentina and is so excited to be on her way.   Sister Zavala is a native Spanish speaker so she is going to be Sister Hernandez's new companion and I've been assigned to take over the English area.  Did ya get all that?

Well, In the two short days before I drove to Nyssa, I quickly made my rounds to say goodbye to as many people as I could and it wasn't easy.  When we stopped by to tell Shari Ladd that I was leaving and say my goodbyes, she ran into another room and came back a few minutes later with card and said, "Since you won't be here for Christmas."  I opened it when I got home, and she had stuck $50 in that card.  Isn't that so sweet?!

Sister Anderson, Sister Feinauer, Sister Taylor
Farewell to Sister Taylor
From Kuna, Idaho to Nyssa, Oregon

Goodbyes with the Darrington Family.

Sister Taylor & Sister Callahan
(Lindsay has lived with the Callahan family from June through November 2013)

Sister Taylor & Sister Hubert

Alright dad, now to answer all of your questions from your last e-mail. I was definitely surprised that I was being transferred to Nyssa! It came out of nowhere! Sister Anderson was really surprised too. Yes, Sister Anderson will be training Sister Feinauer. 
I do have a car in my area! Its another brand new 2013 Chevy Cruise! I love those cars! We are the only English speaking missionaries in town. The Spanish Sisters we’re staying with cover Nyssa, Vale, Ontario, Parma, and I think maybe New Plymouth. That’s a big area! I was able to stay for Jacobs baptism! It was great! Sister Anderson and I did sing and it was beautiful. The spirit was there for sure. One of the ward members asked us to sing it in church and we said yes....but that was before President sent me out to Oregon.

Oh, and the food that the Sister from Ukraine made for us was really good! We had Pork and Borsht (I really don't know how to spell it).

So the area is really great! I love the people here even though the majority of the population is over 70 years old. The members are still adjusting to having their own missionaries. We don't have any investigators at the moment, but we will soon! We just have to get out there and find them without freezing in the snow! We live in a trailer with another companionship. 

I love you and miss you a lot! I can't wait to skype you on Christmas! YAY!

Well I love all of you and miss you guys a ton! 

Love ya loads!

Sister Lindsay Taylor


Our new companion is Sister Feinauer (sounds like fine hour).  She's from Houston, Texas and ready to dive into missionary work!  We had a tracting activity that was really fun.  We got to go out with Sister Gray from Samoa.  She is the happiest person ever!  I've learned that about Polynesian people, they always seem to be so happy!

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow at the Hubert's!  It's going to be a lot of fun.  They're such a fun family.

Jacob's baptism is coming up fast.  We got the keys to the baptismal font today and are making the final preparations.  Hopefully our song turns out well - we still haven't found someone to play the piano, we better figure that one out soon!

Our new house has some issues.  I was the last one to take a shower this morning and there was no water/water pressure left, so basically it was like taking a shower in the rain, the ice cold rain.  So what I think we need to do is take turns going first, second, and third.  This way we can each have a hot shower at least twice a week.

The mission has been really good for me.  I've made a lot of mistakes, but I've also done so many good things.  Things that will change my life forever.  I feel like my life actually has direction now, and that I have a purpose.  I want to serve a mission again someday with my husband.  I'd love for my husband to be a mission president so that I can be a missionary mom to all the missionaries in that mission.

Time to go now.  I'll update you on everything this Monday.  I love you so much!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Lou (Sister Lindsay Taylor)

Sister Anderson, Sister Taylor and Sister Feinauer

Dear Parents,

We thought you would enjoy receiving a photo of sister Taylor and her new trainee, Sister Feinhauer as well as sister Anderson, posing with President and Sister Cannon.  It is a pleasure serving with such wonderful young missionaries in the Idaho Nampa Mission.

Sister Short
Idaho Nampa Mission

President and Sister Cannon, Sister Anderson and Sister Feinauer

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