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Week 15 - Kuna 09/16/13


I had quite a wonderful week despite having the worst cold in the WORLD.  I completely lost my voice for few days and had to rely heavily on the spirit while teaching lessons.  But somehow, despite runny nose and piercing headaches, Sister Stevens and I were able to set two more baptismal dates this week.  The work is awesome here!

We taught the first part of the Plan of Salvation with the Rogers this week and spent a long time discussing the Atonement.  We talked about how the Atonement isn't just for repenting of our transgressions, but also for us to find comfort and healing during difficult times and how guilt we may have carried with us for a long time can be taken away by our Savior Jesus Christ.  The spirit was so powerful, I know everyone was feeling it.  Our two investigators, K & C started crying and wow, it was just an incredible experience.  They both are so receptive.  I really hope they pray to know for themselves that what we're teaching them is true through the Holy Ghost.  I would be completely lost without the Holy Ghost especially here on my mission.

My companion is seriously the best, she is so thoughtful and caring, and bold!  She isn't afraid to go up to people and talk to them about the church.  I want to be more like her!  We've been visiting with less active families and at one home we introduced ourselves, "Hi, we're the Sister Missionaries and we're trying to meet everyone in the ward.  Can we come in?"  The invited us in and we talked for a bit and got to know them a little better and I asked, "So, I don't think I've seen you at church before.  Where do you  sit?"  They got this sheepish look on the faces and said, "Oh, well we don't really go, you know life is so busy, we have a hard time fitting church in."  So we invited them to church this Sunday and told them they would really enjoy it because the Primary children would be presenting their program during Sacrament Meeting.  Hopefully they'll be able to make it.

I've been trying hard to connect with each of the wards we are working with.  I asked each of the Bishops if Sister Stevens and I could attend their ward councils and they all said yes!  This will be so much more efficient for us since the leaders of all the ward auxiliaries attend this meeting.  Three of the wards we serve have new ward mission leaders and we are so excited to start working with them.  Yay!

We had a great Sunday, but it was extra long.  We were in church from 9:00am until 5:00pm, whew. We attended four Sacrament meetings and I believe I can say I am thoroughly cleansed of sin (not that I'm doing any sinning! :-))

Today we’re teaching family home evening to an older couple whose health prevents them from going to church. We’re going to share an article from the October 2010 General Conference by D. Todd Christofferson called Reflections of a Consecrated Life.   I particularly love this quote from the talk,  "The man who so walks in the light and wisdom and power of God, will at the last, by the very force of association, make the light and wisdom and power of God his own - weaving those bright rays into a chain diving, linking himself forever to God and God to him. This is the sum of Messiah's mystic words, 'Thou, Father, in me, and I in thee' - beyond this human greatness cannot achieve."

I love this gospel so much. And I am grateful for the sacred opportunity that I have to watch it change peoples lives. I know that we are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives. I love being a missionary so much, and this really will be the best 18 months of my life! 

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!

Sister Lindsay Taylor

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