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Week 19 - Kuna 10/14/13


Hello Family!

CRAZY WEEK!!!  Guess what today is?  Transfer Day, and guess where I'm going?  Nowhere!  Woo Hoo, I'm Staying in Kuna!  But Sister Stevens is leaving me and I'm so sad because I wanted to stay with her longer.  She's being transferred to Enterprise, Oregon where she and her new companion will be opening a brand new area.  This is very exciting because this area has never has Sister Missionaries before.  Enterprise is the complete opposite edge of the mission and is about a three hour drive from here.  Sister Stevens will do an awesome job!  I will be training a brand new Sister, how cool is that?!  I'm so excited that President Cannon is trusting me with this kind of responsibility!  I won't get my new companion until tomorrow since all the newbies fly in on Tuesday's, so Sister Zavala and I will be temporary companions while we await the arrival of our new companions.  Sister Nickolaisen will be here this evening for a big dinner meeting being hosted for the new trainers.  I'm looking forward to seeing her again.  We're all excited to meet our new Sister companions tomorrow.  There are five new Sisters joining our mission and they all look so sweet - very exciting!

My current area will remain as is until the next transfer in six weeks, which means I'll still be covering the five wards here with my new companion.  I'll probably be staying here in kuna until January or February, which is fine with me!  Elder Diaz, Elder Tuia, Elder Agle, and Sister Stevens are all moving on to new areas so Elder Hatefi, Elder Eagleston Elder Hendricks and I are all getting new companions.  
A new set of Elders are also flying in tomorrow to join our mission.  So this transfer will bring the most changes since I came to this mission.  My companion and I will still be the only Sisters in our district, but that's okay because everyone spoils us rotten.  I love it!

The red roses in the pictures from our last Sisters Conference were from President Cannon.  He wanted us to know that he loves us all and thinks we are the most wonderful sisters in the world.  I love President Cannon!

This weekend the Huberts took us to Swan Falls, it was beautiful, but out in the middle of nowhere.  There is a short stone wall to keep folks from falling over a huge cliff.  At the overlook there is an amazing view of the Snake River.  Just over the stone wall there is a ledge, so we climbed over and pretended like we were falling - see the pictures of our antics!  We also went to the old dam, which was once used as a prison.  A must see for anyone coming through this area.

Sister Stevens and I had a really cool experience the other day.  We were cleaning our car outside (In our service clothes, not our dresses), when an older gentleman passed by.  Sister Stevens waved at him and said hi, and the gentleman waved back.  Then his eye caught her name tag and he stopped and and said, "You're a missionary aren't you.... Well, I've been inactive for over ten years.  Maybe you could help me with that?"  Of course we said yes!  We found out that he had actually served as an area Seventy back in the 50's and 60's.  We talked a bit longer and invited him to join us at church the next Sunday.  He sat with us yesterday at church, which was Fast and Testimony meeting, and he got up and bore his testimony.  He is such a cool guy and it's awesome to have a little miracle like that happen.

I seriously love this mission so much, and I especially love serving here in Kuna.  I love all of the people and I don't ever want to leave!  Thank you for all of your support and all of the love you send me.  I feel it for sure!  Make sure you don't skip out on the small stuff - daily scripture study and personal prayers are so important!

As you know, I found my camera shoved deep in the abyss of the couch in our living room.  Yay!  So here are some pictures of our trip to Swan Falls, enjoy!


Sister Lindsay Taylor

Sister Taylor cheesin' it up for the camera!

Sister Stevens!

Cute Companions.

Sister Taylor and Sister Stevens

 .... and stretch 2, 3, 4

"Who's idea was this anyway?  I'm afraid of heights!!!"

The District and Sister Huber.
Thank you Brother and Sister Huber for a fantastic day!

Sister Stevens & her cool pumpkin!

Me and my pumpkin!  I Love Kuna!!!!

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