Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 22 - Kuna 11/04/13


I love Training Sister Anderson!  We get along so well and have so much fun together, which means we are getting a lot of work done.  We're teaching a young man right now that was Buddhist when we first met him.  He has been particularly interested int he Plan of Salvation, which has completely changed his view of the gospel.  He called us last night and told us he wanted to be baptized tomorrow, but unfortunately he hasn't gone through all of the lessons yet so we explained that once we do that we can schedule a date for his baptism.  That was exciting!  We're also working with a married couple that are working very hard to eliminate some bad health habits as they work towards being worthy for baptism.  This Tuesday we're meeting with them and setting a goal to work on one thing they are going to give up for the next two weeks.  I really admire them.  It's not easy to give up lifelong habits, but they have the desire to do so, and we're going to help them every step of the way.

The members have been amazing, and we've received several referrals this week that we're planning to visit.  The members here are fantastic missionaries!

A Ukrainian family in the 5th ward has invited us to dinner on the 22nd, and yesterday at church the sister asked us what we would like her to fix us for dinner.  I asked her to make perogies like mom makes, and she said they are actually called something else in the area of the Ukraine she's from.  I can't remember what she called them because it was a complicated Russian word, sorry.  But apparently her version of perogies are made with read dough that is filled with meat and veggies.  But the sister who is feeding us said she would call them perogies because that's what I'm used to calling them, ha, ha.  She's going to prepare potato filled and chicken filled perogies, an she's also going to make borcht (a beet soup that's really popular in Russia and the Ukraine).  She also will make other traditional Ukrainian foods that her family enjoys.  I'm excited, but wish you could be here to enjoy the meal with us dad.  Maybe I can ask her for some of the recipes and you can try them out at home.

Tomorrow is my 5th month mark as a missionary, isn't that crazy!?  Time really does fly by.  I'm loving every second being out here.

On Halloween all missionaries in the district were together at the Hubert's home.  Many of the people we visited earlier that day knew we couldn't go out trick or treating so they gave us bags of candy.  We brought those bags to the Hubert's and we gave them away to the kids that came knocking.  You can imagine how big their eyes got when we gave them an entire bag of candy instead of just a handful.  I'm sure their parents appreciated it greatly!  We only kept one bag of candy for ourselves and the Elders.  I only got two pieces of my favorite, reece's peanut butter cups.  Elders and their appetites......

Our trip to Linder Farms with the Taylor family was so much fun!  The farm is owned by a member family, and when we arrived the owner, Sister Linder, ran up and gave us each a huge hug.  Her daughter is serving in Japan and it was her birthday that day.  She said it made her day to see us and she gave us some hot chocolate and a bag of really good homemade mini donuts.  Then she took a picture with us and I had her send it to your e-mail.  Hopefully you guys got it!

Well, I believe that covers the weeks happenings.  Thank for all the love and support you guys give me!  I love being a missionary and sharing the gospel with other.  It gives me such joy!  I love you guys!!

Your favorite sister missionary,

Sister Lindsay Taylor

Sister Anderson and I at Linder Farms - best donuts ever!!

District pumpkin carving activity - yes, the Elders were a bit crazy!

The Hubert's go all out decorating their yard for Halloween, it was pretty amazing!!

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