Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 10 - Kuna 08/12/13


Guess what? I saw Corianne and Regan yesterday! It was so cool! I was in the chapel before sacrament meeting talking to one of our investigators, and she suddenly says, "There are two young ladies behind you that look like they’re dying to talk to you." So I turn around, and there stands Corianne and Reagan! It was so awesome to see them! We had such a fun little reunion. They are both just as beautiful and fun as ever. We got to chat a little after church and catch up on the latest happenings in Provo. Reagan and Caitie (my roommate from Glenwood) might even have found "the one"! Guess we’ll see how many wedding invitations I get in the mail over next few months. 

I didn't get to take any pictures this week, but I did take a couple of videos! I'll try and send them to you, but a lot of times it says the file is too big to send. We shall see!

We received an extra special gift box this week that was filled with an entire gardens worth of vegetables! There was zucchini, cucumbers, sweet corn, acorn squash, peas, carrots, tomatoes, you name it. There were also fresh eggs! Fresh eggs taste so much better than store bought eggs. I actually eat them for breakfast now, without cheese or anything! Guess what else I love with a passion now? TOMATOES! I eat them with everything now! I bet you never thought that would happen huh?   People treat us so well here, I love it! One investigator we visited sent us home with a bunch of vegetables from his garden and said "And next time bring your husbands so they can pick out what they like!" Hmmmmm I have a feeling we have some explaining to do....

Our baptism with Blake is this Saturday. I'm so excited! We met with his Mom last Monday, and that was definitely an experience. She is a staunch Christian and wanted to know what Blake had been taught before he gets baptized. She kept questioning us and the situation was quickly going in the direction of Bible bashing. It was a really scary experience because we are told specifically not to get involved with that. Then, Blake suddenly turns to his mom and says "Mom, I'm not going to sit here and listen to you try and tear this religion down. I know this church is true, and I am going to get baptized. And you can’t say that it’s not true until you read the Book of Mormon yourself and pray about it." WOW! What an incredible experience! I was so overjoyed to hear him say that! Hearing someone you've been teaching bear testimony of the gospel is one of the most powerful experiences you will ever have! Ever since then, she has been reading the Book of Mormon for herself and has been much more open while asking questions and receiving answers. How cool is that?
We also have four more baptisms during in the month of August.
Everything has just been so great! I love it here, and I love every single person I come in contact with! 

On Saturday I ate raw rhubarb for the first time. It tasted really good and sour, but my stomach HATED me the next day and I had the worst acid reflux in the world! Needless to say, I won't be eating raw rhubarb again!  

You are all such a wonderful example to me. Have a wonderful week!

Sister Lindsay Taylor

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