Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 12 - Kuna 08/26/13 and More Kind Word from Kuna

Hello Family!

It’s finally my turn to be the designated driver of our companionship! It's really different driving here and having to share the roads with some of the biggest tractors I’ve ever seen.  Most houses are built right off the roads where cars regularly travel at 50 miles per hour.  I always worry when I see children playing in their front yards so close to the road, yikes!  Despite the challenges of having to share the road with farm equipment, It’s fun to be driving again!  

I definitely think that Blake’s mom will be baptized someday. She’s reading through the Book of Mormon right now, so hopefully she is in a place where the spirit can bear witness to her the truthfulness of the gospel! 

Transfers are this coming week! We find out on Saturday where everyone is going (or staying). On Transfer day, a family in one of the Elder’s areas has the district missionaries over for a big breakfast and together we listen to the calls there. She’s Russian and cooks really good food and tons of it! They are the Huberts and I love them so much! I think that I’m staying and that Sister Nick is leaving, but she thinks the opposite, so who knows! I do have a feeling that I’ll be training, that would be so awesome! I think our area is going to be split because we’ve had so much growth over the past several months. Plus we’re expecting so many new missionaries to join the Nampa mission this transfer, it just makes sense to split what we have now and create several new areas to accommodate the growth.  Exciting stuff!!

This week we got to play mud volleyball with one of our wards! 

Oh and Shari is getting baptized! On the 7th of September! 

I have to go now but I love all of you so much! have a wonderful week!

Sister Lindsay Taylor

Letter dated August 11, 2013

Brother & Sister Taylor & Family,

My name is Dwayne Millward, and I am the Bishop of the Kuna 4th Ward, where your daughter is currently serving with Sister Nicholaison.  Several weeks ago I had asked this wonderful companionship to speak in our ward sacrament meeting.  While your daughter spoke, I felt that I should write to tell you how much we appreciate having her in this area.

Sister Taylor is an absolute delight, she is bright, bubbling with her love of the Savior, she is not overbearing, but works so hard with our ward members in helping them fulfill their responsibilities to be good member missionaries and examples.  How blessed we are to have such a wonderful Sister to serve in our ward.  I just wanted you to know that we appreciate the sacrifice that she and you are making to have her out here serving the Lord, and that her testimony and love of the Savior and the Gospel radiates from her.  You must be very proud of parenting such a beautiful daughter of God.  Thank you for sharing her with us and for teaching her so well.  I hope that my own daughter, who is now 13 years old, will stand as a witness of the Savior so well as your daughter does now.  Every assignment to visit part member, less active, non-member, or even members who are going through particular challenges has always been met with a positive radiant attitude.

For additional insight regarding our ward, we are 354 members with an activity rate of 60%.  Our Young Men and Young Women are stalwarts!  They just had a group Book of Mormon reading challenge where they completed it in 36 hours.  I believe your daughter participated in some of that activity as we had guest speakers and role playing for some of it.  We have recently been challenged by our Stake President to increase our missionary labors to keep your daughter and the other missionaries in this area anxiously engaged.  We held a special fast in August and already I can see the members concentrating their efforts to be more faithful, and of petitioning the Lord to find out who is ready so that they can open their mouths and share with them the good news of the Gospel.

Well, I just hope you realize that we appreciate your daughter choosing to serve, and to do so, so faithfully.  May God support and edify you as you continue to support her.


Bishop Millward

Email dated July 31, 2013

Hi Sister Taylor!

Our family had the sister missionaries over for dinner tonight.  Your daughter is a great missionaries - she's so personable and seems to really enjoy teaching the gospel.  This is the second time we've had her over and we really enjoy her sweet personality!!

Have a great day, and thanks for sharing your daughter with us temporarily!

Sister "B"

A note from home:

We're so thankful to have been blessed with such an endearing daughter who has always been a steadfast example in our home.  Lindsay is a spiritual giant in a kind and modest way, so much so, that she naturally draws others near.  The Lord has called her to serve in areas that will bless her life as much as the lives of those she has the opportunity to serve.  As her parents we take comfort in knowing such wonderful members and investigators are caring for her while she is away from home.  

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