Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 11 - Kuna 08/19/13 and Kinds Words from Kuna


Sister Taylor is doing pretty good here in Kuna, Idaho. We aren't really being affected by the fires, but it does get pretty smokey sometimes depending on which way the wind blows. I've heard that in Boise the smoke is so bad it's difficult to see any distance at all and the air quality is horrible! It’s still pretty hot out here and unfortunately, sweat is just a part of every outfit now! 

Zone conference was held in Nampa last Tuesday. There was still an hour and a half left in the meeting when President Cannon asked someone to say the closing prayer. Needless to say, we were all very confused because our meetings never end early, in fact they always seem to run long.  After the closing prayer was offered, President Cannons gets back up and says "Alright everyone, we have a surprise for you. We’re going to the movies!" How awesome is that? We hustled to our cars and headed over to the theater and saw Ephraim’s Rescue. It was a very good movie, and I highly recommend it for the whole family! 

Then on Saturday, we had our baptism for Blake! It was absolutely wonderful!  The room was packed with 101 people, which included three families we’ve been teaching. It was so awesome! Blake’s football coach gave a talk on baptism and it was absolutely incredible. The spirit was there so strongly felt. His mom, who isn't a member of the church, came up to us afterwards and gave us each a big hug and said, "Thank you so much. This was an incredible thing to witness." The confirmation was also pretty amazing too.  I hope you get to meet Blake someday! I want to bring my whole family back so we can go on a mission tour and meet all of these wonderful people!

 I feel so blessed to be serving here. I feel so much love for each person we visit. I have definitely felt like I've been gaining the trust of the members. And that is so incredibly important. We went from receiving maybe one referral a week, to recieving 7 or 8 on average. The members really help the work progress so much. 

Thanks for supporting me so I can do this great work.  I love you all.

Sister Lindsay Taylor

Water temperature... check! 

Blake (second from left), excited to enter the waters of baptism!

Kind Words From Kuna;

We are so thankful to the members and investigators for sending us kinds words and photos of our Sister Taylor.

This photo was sent by, Shari, with a note telling us that they had just set her baptism date for Saturday, September 7th.  Shari also said, "We are enjoying having your daughter as our missionary, thank you for allowing her to bless our lives.   

Sister Taylor and Sister Nickolaison

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