Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 9 - Kuna 08/05/13

Dear Family,

Things have been going pretty good here! We went to Kuna Days this past week. It's an annual celebration of the creation of Kuna. It was really fun! Plus it was nice to eat something different! We had this yummy indian fry bread sandwich and it was free because the owners of the booth love missionaries. :) We have been making so much progress with our investigators! We have 15 now! Blake is still right on track to be baptized on the 17th. He is so excited and has been inviting absolutely everyone he knows to come. We will be meeting with his mom tonight for the first time too. I can't wait! 

Last P-day we went hiking, I'll be including some pictures of that! I was wearing my girls camp shirt and an Elder I didn't know that was with us said, "Ashburn, where is that?" and I told him Virginia and he goes "No way! I'm from Oakton!" His name is Elder Hinnegar and we got to talking and turns out we were in the same CTR class with our teacher who gave out homework! Small world huh? We took a picture together that I'm including with the e-mail. You can tell me if you recognize him! 

Nothing crazy has happened this week! We’re teaching a lot of little kids, and it's been really fun! Also the Callahans, the people we live with, have had all of their family over this week so I've been loving the time we have spent with those kids too. Last night I missed Kyle A LOT. It was really hard because I realized the next time I see him he will be 10 years old. Don't grow up too fast on me buddy! 

One of my favorite scripture stories this week is from Nephi. It's the story of when Nephi broke his bow and his family became angry because they were so hungry. Even his father Lehi began to murmur against God. But Nephi humbled himself and knew exactly what he needed to do. He got down on his knees and prayed to his Heavenly Father to know how to get food for his family. This is one of the most known stories in all of the Book of Mormon. Many children have heard it in primary, and we use it to teach principles all the time! The story is in 1 Nephi chapter 16 and I like verse 29 where it says:

"And there was also written upon them a new writing, which was plain to be read, which did give us understanding concerning the ways of the Lord; and it was written and changed from time to time, according to the faith and diligence which we gave unto it. And thus we see that by small means the Lord can bring about great things."

If you really think about it, this was such a small thing that happened. All Nephi did was break his bow, and the simple act of praying changed the hearts of his whole family. There are so many stories in the scriptures about building boats, burning bushes, and seeing God in the flesh, and those are all very powerful experiences. But sometimes, it’s those little moments where we show our love and devotion to God by going to Him for help that changes our lives forever. So remember, nothing goes unnoticed. Everything you do, whether big or small, our Heavenly Father notices and it so proud of us.

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and know that I love you all so so so much!

Sister Lindsay Taylor

Half our District Celebrating Kuna Days!

Elder Hinnegar (From Oakton, VA) and Sister Lindsay Taylor

Elder Zuniga and Elder Tuia with the District Mascot, Lorenzo!

P-day Hike with the District

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